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The recent dramatic event in the church of Santa Croce* has put the Fine Arts Commission  and all the Florentine monumental works commissions on alert and caused them to monitor the safety of all local monuments.

Our monitoring, begun immediately, has discovered areas where there is an elevated risk of pieces of wood falling from above.

We are appealing to the Florentine Jews to mobilize and contribute tangibly to the   work necessary to guarantee our Synagogue and its internal dome’s safety.

This is the first time since Enzo Tayar (z.l.) founded—in 1996—the Opera del Tempio Ebraico di Firenze that we are asking  the Florentine Jews in such an explicit and forceful manner to contribute to the safety of our Synagogue.

In this effort we are not alone: the Opera del  Tempio Ebraico di Firenze, and the Institutions Companies, and Foundations that we have contacted are—as always—willing to help us:

We need to set a concrete objective:

It is absolutely necessary to invest 50,000 euros immediately for Urgent work.

And if we collect at least 20,000 euros from the Jewish community by December 20th, we will be able to request and count on financing for another 30,000 euros.  If we do not reach this goal, we risk losing the indispensable 30,000 euros of financing.

We cannot fail to reach this objective since we all need to know that there are no alternatives, except a risk that we cannot take and that could cause the Community to put into effect measures of caution limiting the use of space within the Synagogue.

Everyone should give his contribution according to his capability either Sunday, December 3rd or immediately after to the Opera del Tempio Ebraico di Firenze or by money order, but before December 20th.


Renzo Funaro

President of the Opera del Tempio Ebraico di Firenze

IBAN: IT57 X061 6002 8171 0000 0001 027- tel 3356102503

Via Farini 4, 50121 Firenze – Tel +39.055.245252; Fax +39.055 241811Cf p. Iva 94060650481

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