The Fondazione per i Beni Culturali Ebraici in Italia – Onlus (Foundation for Jewish Cultural Heritage in Italy – Non-Profit Organisation) was set up by the Unione delle Comunità Ebraiche Italiane (UCEI – Union of Italian Jewish Communities) in 1986. Its purpose is to promote the recovery, conservation, restoration and promotion of Italian Jewish historic and cultural heritage, and publicise its knowledge in Italy and abroad; this comprises every asset of interest from a cultural, religious, archaeological, archival, bibliographical and musical point of view.
The aim is to ensure the preservation of Jewish cultural heritage in Italy, which represent the widespread, locally rooted memory of a presence in this country which has lasted for more than two thousand two hundred years.

The Foundation handles Biblioteca Nazionale dell’Ebraismo Italiano “Tullia Zevi”, whose main institutional purpose is to preserve the bibliographic, archival and documentary heritage which is at risk of dispersal. Indeed, the Biblioteca “Tullia Zevi” contains the historical archives of Jewish communities which have disappeared or are at risk of extinction. It holds them, keeps them in order and makes them available to scholars: this is a considerable documentary heritage which, until a few years ago, was not widely known of even among historians.
The Foundation has also promoted and furthered study days and conventions, supported and edited publications, provided study bursaries for historical-archive research projects, and been directly involved in projects for the recuperation, enhancement and use of cultural assets.


The Foundation sets out to be a supportive, dependable resource for Jewish communities in Italy, particularly the smaller ones, providing assistance with their activities in this field. It therefore aims at amplifying these communities’ voices in their interactions with local institutions, partly in order to improve their chances of gaining access to public and private funding.
Lastly, by fostering the development of cultural heritage, the intention is to activate its potential for generating economic value through tourism and intellectual value through the dissemination of knowledge.


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